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Group One's Rubin Discussion

1. Sex, to Rubin, is a historical construction and "social product," fashioned based on societal norms of good and bad, pervert and normal. It's always political.
2. Sex is an issue for women because oppressor/oppressee relationships exist, and women are often victimized by them. It's an issue for feminists, though, because this relationship is often juxtaposed onto non-hegemonic sexual relationships where they don't exist, marginalizing those who do not conform to the dominant notions of "normal" sexual agents and impeding sexual choice.
3. Rubin seems to place pornography on a spectrum, with only the "most disgusting" being used as examples in anti-porn rhetoric. She does not differentiate the pornographic from the erotic; both can be good or bad.
4. Feminism should be careful not to be staunchly anti-porn. It's not helpful. Instead, we should learn to discern oppression from non-mainstream sex acts.
5. What does non-oppressive pornography look like? Who consumes it? Is there such a thing as feminist pornography?