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Hollibaough/Moraga discussion

1. The definition of sex is inclusive of all different types of sexual behaviors including some that might be implicated as sexual violence by anti-pornography feminists.
2. Sex is an issue for feminists because of the earlier attempt to neuter the discussion of transgressive forms of sex. This is a problem for women because they do not have an opportunity to fully realize or expand their sexuality.
3. There is no straight forward definition of pornography or the erotic. It is inferred to be very personal. It is the result of actions that are inherent to people very specifically. They make the claim that violence that defines the line of pornography does not need to imply harm (p.287). However, the argument they claim that it is necessary to question the types of sexual appetite that incorporate harm to ensure that it does not manifest in your life in other ways.
4.The author feels that is is necessary to ensure that nothing is being hidden in terms of sexual appetite or exploration. The need to go through fantasies regardless of their content in order to accept them and have them become part of your sexuality. The authors stress the idea of how personal this subject is and that there is the need to know yourself and be able to deal with all desires, both conscious and subconscious in a responsible way. Conscious raising groups are necessary for us to understand sexual behavior and appetite, not to simply draw a line somewhere and see where our feelings fall.
5. One question that was very obviously left out was how these rules and terms apply to heterosexual couples.