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This course was a really great scope of feminist issues for all levels of understanding or experience. There were definitely some sections that I felt well-versed in, yet learned entirely new perspectives. At the same time, there were issues that I've had no experience in, but still felt comfortable learning. All of the readings provided really great support and comprehension, and generally the discussion brought things to an interesting level. I think, more than anything, I felt exposed to the many, many issues that make up feminism. It became clear that things like labor and racial justice are apart of feminism, and should not be separated. Just the same, while this sounds a little ridiculous, I had to break down my belief that some feminist issues are pretty one-sided ("either you believe this and you are a feminist, or you don't believe this and you are not"). Some of our readings and discussions brought entirely new depths of complications to feminist issues. The structure of the class was incredibly conducive to feeling comfortable in your own learning space. I also really loved the exposure to so many different writers/activists, and that there were constantly recommendations for further reading.
As far as advice for other students, I would say that this class is a really great opportunity to learn with other people but at the same time develop your own understanding of the many contentious issues in feminism. Obviously doing the readings and taking advantage of discussion is really key to this!


I agree with you that the topics that we covered were comfortable, and they were also challenging. They were comfortable enough that everyone could discuss them, yet challenging enough to ignite debates and discussions. Like you said, it was good to see that not all issues in feminism were one sided. With so many different people in the class, there were many different ideas being thrown around, and we did not always completely agree. It was helpful to see that even women who consider themselves feminists do not always agree on topics, and that not agreeing is okay. The Barton reading was a very good display of this; it showed the two sides of the issue and described why both sides are correct. It was also nice when the different books were brought into class; it was good exposure to see what other works the authors wrote, or the works that inspired the authors to write their books. A word of advice to anyone taking the class in the future is to stay on top of all the readings. There are a lot of them, but each one definitely contributed excellent information on the topics we were discussing in class, and each one was worth reading.