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blog 11

When I entered this class, I came in with a very narrow view of what it meant to be a feminist. Feminism was to me, a matter limited to the issue of choice. Through the different units, my views did not necessarily change, but the breadth of my knowledge as to why I felt a certain way expanded. My favorite unit was the one that we just recently finished, the issue of sex wars. Unlike some of the other issues (in my opinion), the different waves of feminism have starkly different views on the subject. Though I understand the views of the 2nd wave of feminists and their view that sex work is a form of patriarchal dominance, I tend to differ from this view. In reading Barton's study of sex workers, specifically exotic dancers, I became convinced of her version of what it means to be a sex worker. I consider myself a student of the third wave, and Barton's study opened my eyes to the downfall of third wave feminism.

As for others wishing to take this class, I would advise them to understand the readings and participate in discussions. Sometime I felt intimidated by some of the people who participated in discussion, thus adequately preparing for class would help lessen this feeling. Also, this was my first GWSS class. I came into this class believing that the arguments would be between feminists and anti-feminists. Because this class featured different points of view in the feminist world, the class had a much larger breadth. I would advise any student interested in learning from a larger perspective to take this class.