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Upon entering this class, I had no clue who or what made a person a feminist. The views and desires expressed from the movement didn’t connect with the image I had in my mind of what a feminist was. Through the course of the class, I have increased my understanding of not only the type of thinking that is produced from a feminist form of thought, but also that feminism itself has no simple definition. I had never realized how difficult it was to narrow this viewpoint (in reality many viewpoints) into one, concise definition. Through the course I saw how many components people can take sides on and the issues that can arise as well as the benefits that arise from multiple sides. The readings that I personally enjoyed the most would be the Dorothy Roberts Killing the Black Body chapters and the Joan Williams Unbending Gender. I think that these readings, specifically those from Killing the Black Body, made me think further about how a different sub-group can have a completely different desire of change based on how society has treated them differently. Obviously no experience is universal for every single person. The readings made me rethink how each situation doesn’t always have a concrete, correct fix. There are intricacies from different viewpoints that must be analyzed.