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Upon signing up for this class, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. This was my first feminism class and I must say that, although some of the readings were tricky and difficult for a first time feminist to understand, I learned a hell of a lot. I've brought talks from class to dinner table discussions and other classes. I especially liked the online readings, I felt it was helpful to have it wherever I was with my computer so I didn't have to lug around a huge binder full of paper. In addition, I really liked when we broke the readings down in class. It was helpful to my understanding of the material and very good for my papers. I loved the movies - they were the perfect factor for an exciting class that really sparked an interest. It helped to see the people and hear the people rather than read the people.

For next year's students, I'd say to use your blogs to help write your papers. You have to write both any ways, so why not make a paragraph your blog entry. It'd be a smart option and help with your paper later. I wish I had done that.