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I had originally signed up for this class just because it would fulfill an upper level writing intensive course that I needed. I did not know what I was getting into. The topics in the course description seemed interesting enough and I knew that there would probably be people in this course that were more opinionated than I was. I found myself broadening my horizons big time. I was introduced into controversial topics/readings/videos that sparked my curiousity towards the topics discussed in class. I became more well rounded in my opinions and comfortable in sharing them.

Some of my favorite readings came from the last couple weeks features. Dworkin, Chapkis, and Lorde to name a few. I especially liked reading such strong opinionated work and discussing what the sex industry was like some 30 years ago to today. I also enjoyed learning more indepth exactly what women had to go through when trying to access birth control and the effects it had on women's bodies.