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Last Blog of Class

Unless some of my other GWSS classes we took the time to figure out what being feminists is to ourselves and that has been something that has grown over the class periods. I had the opportunity to figure out what being a feminist’s means to me and why. Which is something that I have never had the chance to do before and I really enjoyed it. There was information that each and every writer gave me that I did not have before. I learned a lot about the history of birth control that I did not know before mainly about the length that Margaret Sanger had to go and the work that went into birth control being accessible for young women today. One of the units that opened my mind was about sex workers and the way that they have been put into the feminist debates. The arguments for or against are really validate if you include discussions that one has with actually sex workers.
For people that take the class in the spring. I would just say to ask for help you if you don’t understand something because most likely someone didn’t understand it either. And to keep an open mind about the things that you read about.