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There I was, one of two males in the class. It felt like there were 40 females versus the two guys. I had no idea as of what to think. I quickly read the introduction to the bell hooks book before class was starting and was greatly pleased. It took me a few weeks to get my feet wet into the discussion, but soon enough my debate and talkative personality came out. I think that this would be my lesson to anyone else taking this class... don't feel rushed to share. Take some times to reflect and separate the knowledge you have about what you have been taught, what else you have heard, and what we are reading/discussing about.

Throughout this semester I have learned that feminism is much more political and that I have many more opinions about it then I have ever thought. Feminists are not all one cohesive group, but they do have similar goals. An example to this can be what we discussed about last class. Feminists believe that women in the adult sex industry have the rite/choice to hold those occupations, however at the same time some may believe that all of the sex industry in degrading to women and should be abolished. This type of differences make these issues worth talking about and discussing in this class.

Overall, I am very pleased that I was asked to join this class by a friend and have learn a lot from all of the intelligent people in this class.

We are not all the same, but we all need to be treated equally.
We do not have the same abilities, but we all need to be given the opportunity.
We are not all accepted for our choice, but we all need the choice to make.
We do not hold the same positions, but we all need to be treated with respect.
We are not all treated fairly, but we all are standing with you in your fight.
We are sometimes just one, but we all need to work together.


I totally identify with the way you feel. This wasn't my first gender studies class, but it was definitely the first that educated me on the wide range of contentious topics that fall under the umbrella term "feminist". For this reason, I enjoyed every single reading, though I didn't agree with each one.

Though I've called myself a feminist for over a year now, after taking this class I definitely feel that I have a broader, more cohesive understanding of what it means to be a feminist. My critical feminist lens no longer just takes note of injustices done to me and my white middle-class cohort, but to people of different age, class, race, and sexuality. I pay more attention to family dynamics, workplace politics, and birth control availability. I was only really aware of the feminist sex debates before this class, but the other three debates we covered are equally important and worthy of attention.

My advice to future classes is to really evaluate the readings, not just run through them so you can blog about them. Look for examples in your life that apply to what the authors are discussing. If you disagree, speak out. Form your own argument. The class is a very respectful and nurturing place where you can discuss any viewpoint you have, be it supporting or opposing the readings. If you interact with the readings in a real and thoughtful way, this class will really affect the way you see the world.