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Reponse to Abby.

It is probably too late to add my two cents, but I thought I would reply to Abby's comment about having experienced GWSS people in the class and say that for my part, I was grateful to have people new to GWSS. It was interesting to watch people who had never thought about the nuances of the debates over prostitution or stay-at-home moms realize the repercussions of these subjects. I remember encountering these ideas in my first GWSS class and how it changed my outlook. I went on to be a GWSS major and I think it would be awesome if someone went on to take more GWSS classes because of this semester. I thought we had a good balance of debate. Someone was always ready to add a comment from another side of a debate or help the class move past a commonly held assumption to look deeper. I thought the variety of readings was especially helpful because we had chances to encounter the densest of writers (Butler and Dworkin) and authors who were able to reach out of academia and draw everyone in. I think the films were also helpful to tie many topics together. Although there was no official media review part of this course I found the times the class spontaneously brought the discussion around to media treatment of women, commercial and ad analysis and television show commentary were some of our most interesting discussions. Maybe that would be a fun component to add to the blog next semester. It is fun to analyze the way media interacts with feminist debates.