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Response to belde024

Like belde024, I also had a skewed vision of feminism from the negative ways the media often portrays feminists. I felt feminism was all about only oriented towards women and in this class; I learned that feminism wasn’t only about equality for women, but for all people. One of my favorite parts about the class was broad range of topics that introduced me to many aspects of feminism, particularly since this was my first feminism class. I particularly liked the readings by Gloria Steinem because of her writing style and approach of different topics, but I still appreciated and enjoyed the other readings as well.

The in-class discussions were my favorite part about the class because they incorporated everyone’s diverse perspectives on an issue and allowed me to see how different people (and different feminists) felt and addressed an issue, as well as different means in solving problems and implementing feminist goals. It was an open, nonjudgmental environment and a unique group of people that critically analyzed the readings and made the discussions well-rounded; everyone played the devil’s advocate at times and nothing was left unquestioned.

Additional advice to future students…understand and prepare for disagreement, constructive argument, and questioning of personal beliefs. As usual, controversial topics stir up opposing viewpoints but this is a beneficial step in truly identifying your personal beliefs and opinions. Argument will cause personal reflection and the revisiting of past ideas will cement or modify them accordingly.