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9 to 5

I love 9 to 5. I have loved it since I first saw it, and for the same reasons many of you probably do. Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, women taking over the office and holding their arrogant ass of a boss hostage? Really, what more do you want? I read the article we were assigned that analyzed the film, and while I found some parts accurate, I really didn't agree with the statements she made about the film not really being a feminist flick, and about the film being more of a girl-power type thing. Let's remember, "girl power" sprouted out of feminism (AND had government funding). Just because the feminist agenda was not displayed prominently in the lower right corner of the screen does not mean that it didn't have any feminist undertone. I thought it had lots of them, actually. Dolly Parton's character is continuously hit on by her boss, who wants her to be his mistress. She loudly and without apology refuses, and goes home to her husband at night complaining about it. What more could she do? She said a couple of different times in the film, "I need this job!", so she obviously wasn't going to do anything that could get her fired. She wasn't about to tell off her boss in plain words and get herself fired, so instead she and the other office ladies got together and figured out how to make their workplace better, and how best to get it through their boss's head that they weren't about to put up with his bs. Good things happened for all of the women as a result of their efforts: Dolly Parton's character got to leave her job and become a country western singer. Lily Tomlin's character got to be promoted to a bigwig executive. I don't understand what's not to love about 9 to 5: as a comedy, it did the best job of putting feminism out there that it could.