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Killing Them Softly - Blog # 8

The documentary film Killing Them Softly looks at women's images in the media. Viewing so many negative
images of women is a very powerful statement about the way that advertising portrays women. I found It
disturbing, because of the disregard for women as real people. Advertising uses women to sell products,
and to reinforce gender norms. There are so many advertisements for beauty products, and it shows the way women are being influenced to try to achieve the ideal beauty standards. Women are usually presented in either a passive or overly sexual way. The effect of using sex to sell products is that it portrays women as objects. This makes it difficult to see women as equals, and may be a factor in the violence towards women. Because advertising is everywhere, it is impossible to not be exposed to it. For gender norms to change, it will be
necessary to challenge the way that women's images are being portrayed in the media.