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Nine to Five

The film Nine to Five uses comedy to deal with serious issues that affect women in the workplace.
It shows the inequality and sexual harassment that has always existed. It looks at the way that
companies have protected men, so that they have not had to experience any consequences for
their actions. The desperate situation that the lead characters find themselves in reflects the lack
of power that women have had in the past. They are no women that are higher up in the company
that they can get support from. The female office supervisor was aware of the problems that existed, but
was part of the male sytem of power. One thing that stands out about the era that the film represents is that
that there is no dialogue about womens' rights. The film offers a sympathetic view of what women
encounter in the "pink-collar getto".

The film made a strong argument for change. Because it shows the realities of women in the
workplace, I think that it is a feminist film. While conditions have improved for women today, they are
still not being promoted at the same rate as men. Also, women still do not earn the same amount of money
that men do for the same work. Daycare and split shifts have not been implemented at most companies.
Sexual harassment can be difficult for women to prove. There seems to be a myth that women have
attained equality, but there is still more progress that needs to be made. Womens' issues do not receive the
attention that they should be getting. The film brought up important issues, and seeing it can help women
determine what still needs to be done.