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Older Women

In "Post-Salad-Days Women Agree: They Want 'What She's Having', Dinitia Smith states that until
recently sex and the older woman has not been talked about very often. This seems to reflect the views that
society has about age. The media focuses on youth and appearance, and older women are almost invisble.
If they are found in the media, they are not represented as active and passionate people. They are also not
thought of as attractive. Our society values perfection, and older women do not meet the ideal standard of
physical beauty that has been defined for women. Their value to society seems to be as caretakers for other
people. This limited view of older women also does not include seeing them as sexual beings. In addition, they are not valued for their intelligence and life experiences. It is difficult to find older women that are positive role models.
I found the films "Something's Gotta Give" and "Canender Girls" that Smith mentioned to be positive portrayals
of older women. Both films presented the idea that women are attractive andl vital as they get older. The
actesses that were in these films looked their age. The message that these films promote is not an idea that has been shown very often before, and it really causes us to look at the double standard of aging. These films are valualbe because they have started a dialogue about aging. Feminism can have a positive affect on this movement. It looks at the problems that women face in society, and supports them living full lives.