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Transnational Feminism

To be honest, I’m a little uncertain of the difference between transnational feminism and international feminism. Is there is difference? If not, why the change in terminology. Other than that, I didn’t have any problems with the terms and concepts presented in the readings.

Based on their definition of transnational feminism (cited already in the blog, I won’t repeat it), Mohanty and Alexander seem to put a high value on the understanding that geographical location affects the context in which feminism is interpreted and handled. In other words, feminism in the US is different from feminism outside the US. Going further, they comment that feminist democracy has transnational aspects to it, leading to the need for what they call “global alliances?. Based on this comment, I see their definition of transnational feminism as a concept that requires a solid connection not only between nations, but also between disciplines. In sum, it seems that transnational feminism is a type of feminism that retains these bonds to be effective all while distinguishing between feminism across boarders.

Continuing on with this idea, Shohat seems to emphasis the idea of multicultural feminism in the same way that Mohanty and Alexander see transnational feminism. She indicates that it is important to recognize the differences between feminism throughout different areas of the world.