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Rabbit-Proof Fence

I agree with what Sarah said about creating empathy for the girls in the film among the audience. This was also one of the points I think our reading last week brought up. The empathy we feel for the girls is based on a false sense of universality- we think we know how they feel, that the human experience of pain is universal, and this is problematic because it ignores the different cultural experiences of global people and makes us think we could substitute any other child in their situation. The reason this comes into play, however, is because we assume the intended audience is white or Western- and if I remember correctly from the reading, the film was premiered in Jingalong. Now, obviously, the majority of audiences have probably been in academic settings like ours, or at least have not been aboriginal Australians, but if the intent really was to create this movie for the people of Jinalong, then the empathy created with the girls would be based on a true commonality of experience, not a falsely universalizing one.