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Hey friends. I just stumbled across this video of some Wal-Mart CEOs in drag (and not in a subversive way, I think): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/04/09/video-of-wal-mart-execs-i_n_95876.html (take note of the accompanying music). I think this is interesting in terms of the way race, gender, and class privileges have all come into play here. Also, I was talking to my roommate about one of her friends who has been trying to get a sex change surgery, but I guess he mentioned at some point that he'd felt like a man all his life, so his insurance company called it a pre-existing condition and won't cover his surgery. So I guess I would say that governmental protections for transgendered and transsexual people aren't effective, even in Minnesota, if they're so easily circumvented.