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January 30, 2009

Judith Butler Article on Obama

Here is the article by Judith Butler--Uncritical Exuberance?--that I mentioned in class on Wednesday.

It is all over the web. I found it on an interesting blog called Angry White Kid. I haven't looked at it that closely, but I think this blog offers another perspective on troublemaking...

January 26, 2009


Here is the Syllabus.

January 23, 2009

Undoing Gender and Gender Trouble are in!

If you don't already have Judith Butler's Gender Trouble and Undoing Gender they are now available at the bookstore.

I would like to add one more chapter from Gender Trouble for next week's class. Please read the first chapter (Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire, 1-47).

Thanks and see you next week!

January 22, 2009

Gender Trouble Preface 1999 and 1990, Undoing Gender Introduction

Hi everyone!

When I left the house this morning I swore that I had the course syllabus in my bag, but I cannot seem to find it. I went from memory and scanned in what I think we are reading for next week. They scanned well and my highlighting didn't show up, which is great. The only markings on the pages are words that I underlined because I thought were interesting.

Hopefully these are the correct readings, but If I made a mistake I will correct it first thing tomorrow morning and upload the correct documents.

Looking forward to a great class,


Download the documents here:

Download Judith Butler's Gender Trouble Prefaces 1999 and 1990

Download Judith Butler's Undoing Gender Introduction