Assignment: "What's Sex Got to Do...?"

What's Sex Got to do with...? 100 points 

You are required to complete a series of assignments involving our course blog category: "What's Sex Got to do with this?" This category is for posting images, news items or anything else that you feel speaks to issues related to the politics of sex and/or our readings and class discussion. It could also include anything that you believe especially deserves a feminist and/or queer analysis. Entries filed under this category should be entries that invite us to apply the critical skills we are learning to popular culture/current events or that inform us about ideas/topics/images that are important for raising critical awareness of sex/gender/sexuality politics. 

Here's a brief breakdown of the assignment: 
  • Post 2 examples on our blog, filed under the category, "What's Sex...?" (2 @ 15 points each) 
  • Post 2 comments on other students' examples (2 @ 10 points each) 
  • As part of a group, post one detailed analysis of example (50 points) 
Your first example must be posted by 11:59 PM on Friday, January 28th. Make sure that you file your post under the correct categories (your section #) and sub-category ("what's sex go to do with..."). Review the checklist on how to blog (#5) if you can't remember how to file your posts. Also make sure to tag your entry with your display name/alias. Review the checklist on how to blog (#6) for more information. 

Some more guidelines: 

Examples: While you don't have to offer much analysis of your example (that's up to those who comment on your example), you should provide a brief introduction and set-up to the example that includes where/how you found the example and why you chose it. 

Comments: Your comments should include an analysis of the "politics of sex" and how it functions in the example. If possible, draw upon readings/theories/ideas from class. Use these examples as a way to critically reflect on the underlying structures and ideologies that shape the example and what it means/does to us. Extra credit: 
1. Post extra examples or comments for "What's Sex Got to do with...?" 
Earn 5 points per extra example and 1 point per extra comment. Limit = 10 points total. 

2. Post announcements of examples on twitter. Earn 1 point per tweet. Limit = 4 points total.  

Due Dates
jan 28          example #1 
march 25     example #2 
feb 6           comment #1 
april 1         comment #2 
march 25    detailed group analysis* 

*More information about the group analysis will be posted and discussed in class in mid-February

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