Details, details....what's sex got to do with it?

This is just one of many hypersexual commercials for men's Axe products. "How can guys clean their balls so that they're more enjoyable to play with"? By using the Axe Detailer, of course!


I find it interesting how girls in this commercial solve all of these men's "problems." Yet, guys can't ask for directions when they get lost? Of course they aren't afraid to ask for "help" when it involves their balls and girls! Also, I think it's funny how there's one guy in the audience who feels uncomfortable, but once another guy stands up to get his dirty balls cleaned, he's no longer uncomfortable. That's a quick turn-around. Maybe that's what the advertising campaign at AXE thinks (and other advertising groups in general); once they have one inappropriate commercial airing, people will be comfortable the next time there's an inappropriate commercial on TV. This commercial is absurd! I can't believe it's actually allowed.

very funny commercial, which use different real balls to represent the "balls". I think this commercial is very creative, and very interesting.

AEX bascilly shows an idea that, use AEX product, then you could get laid~~

This commercial is very interesting. it use real balls to represent the "balls" . The commercial is also sending a message that AEX could made every men get laid, no matter who you are and how dirty is your "balls", as long as you use AEX product.

I agree, I can't stand this commercial ad. But should the government regulate media advertisement?

Wow, I should say that it's a very creative Ad that has dual meaning.Balls and men's balls. It really can make all the "balls" clean? Look at the old man's two balls. I can't believe it. And do you guys notice that? There are always two balls in men's hands. What does it

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