What's sex get to do with... social learning?


Here is a news article:
What do second graders know about oral sex?

I think you could easily assume that these second graders would have learned how to have oral sex from some kind of media such as internet or late night movies. Among lots of psychological theories, actually, there is one called Social Learning Theory which says that people learn new behavior through observational learning of the social factors in their environment. In short, we learn what we observe.

Now, watch this video.

This is Albert Bandura's famous Bobo doll experiment which is quite famous in social psychology field. I guess you may have seen this video because it is classic and well-known.

As you can see in the video, kids merely imitated the behavior of adult role model in the video they watched. The more aggressively the role model behaved, the more aggressively those kids behaved. This experiment made many parents realize importance of showing good behaviors in front of their kids. (Furthermore, there are some researches showing that even adults can learn certain behaviors by observing something such as violent sports games)

So, what's sex get to do with social learning?

Well, it is quite easy to find porn or sexual videos on the internet these days. Even though most of websites have filtering system for 'harmful' contents, it is still easy to find those kind of media even if you don't have a very good skill at googling. Besides, internet is open to everyone including young kids just like ones in that article above. Imagine that your second grade son or nephew watching creepy video on weird website. Maybe they chose to watch those videos but it is also likely that they ran into those videos by accident. (I'm not sure about the situation here but when I was in Korea, it happened a lot to run into creepy pop up browser during surfing the internet. It's so embarrassing especially when you are working in computer lab where people can see your monitor behind your back.)

Moreover, most of videos we can easily find on the internet have distorted image of sex, women, sex life, sexuality, and even rape. They don't contain any moral standard either. They simply reflect perverted form of human desire, probably made by purpose of producing some profit. Children who watch those videos wouldn't be able to develop healthy perspective on sex. Also, it's possible that they would imitate inappropriate behaviors for their age without realizing it. (What do you think second graders can do with oral sex?) This is harmful for not only establishing moral standard for behavior but also having healthy discussion of sex.

Since observation is powerful and effective tool of learning, I think we should regulate sexual contents which have distorted image and standard of sex. Especially for kids.

To wrap up, I want to show you this:

(The anime mainly appears in this video has nothing to do with porn even though it's somewhat sexual.)

Tthis is just too much. Isn't it?

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