What's sex got to do with... being a vegetarian?


Playboy playmates promoting vegetarianism clad in lettuce.


I think that there is enough disagreement on whether going vegetarian is a healthier option, that claiming that it makes you sexier is ludicrous. However, nothing makes a lie more believable than skimpily clad playboy hotties.


Wow, I'm speechless when I saw these photos. I mean is it right to promotion vegetarianism by using sexy girls like that?

As a long term veggie, I'm disappointed. I won't go on about the ethics of it, but vegetarianism isn't a diet meant to shape your body into a "slimmer sexier you," as many magazines put it. Most people I know who stop eating meat do it for a reason, and I've never heard of that reason having anything to do with sex appeal.

I can't believe that PETA has changed their approach of getting people to switch to veg. By claiming it makes you more sexy is just kind of ridiculous. Have you ever seen this commercial PETA tried to get aired in 2009?

Beyond these bunnies, Chad Ochocinco (wide receiver for the Bengals) also posed for PETA naked. Ironically enough he was holding a football made out of LEATHER to cover himself. As far as sending the anti-animal cruelty message...this ad fails. The organization has bought too much into "sex sells" and this string of ads from lettuce covered playmates to naked football players, to women seemingly clothingless behind signs saying "We'd rather go naked than wear fur. One ad, featuring Pamela Anderson with all the various cuts of meat drawn out on her nearly naked body underneath the caption, "All animals have the same parts," was banned in Canada. In the comment I read about why it had been banned I was surprised a bit at the answer provided. It read, "One official attempts to explain: “It is not so much controversial, as it goes against all principles public organizations are fighting for in the everlasting battle of equality between men and women.”" It was nice to see a country step up and go against the idea that "sex sells" in favor of the larger scale effort towards gender equality.

@MorgenS That ad is crazy!

Using sex to promote vegetarianism probably isn’t the best way to go. Trying to convince people to not eat meat brings up enough eye-rolling and laughs (unfortunately), and mixing images of Playboy bunnies in lettuce bikinis isn’t helping. The ethical treatment of animals and not eating meat are serious issues to PETA, so maybe they need to act a little more seriously. Their ads are often images of naked celebrities with strategically placed objects. PETA shouldn’t be synonymous with stripping.

My impression of a vegetarian has always been slightly negative especially in terms of nutrition. As Maur0107 said above, being a vegetarian is not to become "skinnier" nutritiously speaking protein is crucial and there are proteins that you can only get from consuming meat. Through this advertisement I think they're trying to give false impression and reason to become a vegetarian. Why do the models have to be skinny playboy looking models? One thing that disturbed me the most was that they were eating hotdog looking food(which is a metaphor for men's genital). Yes it'll get a lot of attention because they're skinny and wearing bikinis, but their method of attracting potential customers is very misleading.

What? Is it encouraging people to be a vegetarian?
What I think is that it's a really strategic way to promote the rate of saling hamburgers rather than encouraging people to be vegetarian.

You guys bring up some really good points. Yes, it is very interesting, that even though they are promoting vegetarianism, they seem to be eating hot dogs, clearly a meat product and moreover carrying some sexual innuendo. It is clear that the only message this ad delivers is that sex sells.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

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