What's sex got to do with... t-shirts?



I liked this t-shirt when I first saw it, and immediately made me think of a few people it reminded me of. For me this is a creative way to show opposition to the stereotypical damsel in distress found so often in popular culture, and with some humor too! What do you think? While this one opposes the stereotypical, I don't know any shirts that specific promote the damsel in distress off the top of my head, do any of you? I particularly like how this is using the clothes medium to get across an empowerment message, when so often women's clothing do nothing of the sort.


First of all let me just say that I am now dieing for that shirt.
In response to your comment "this is using the clothes medium to get across an empowerment message, when so often women's clothing do nothing of the sort.", I completely agree. It's refreshing to see something in the mall that isn't geared towards a woman's sexuality. Although I'll admit that some stores have a sense of taste, I still find it a tad frustrating the way women are expected to buy the slightly more tight or revealing clothes. Another sad thing is the types of sayings that are on some little girls t-shirts. But I give this t-shirt the feminist seal of approval!

I am not completely sold on the idea that the concept of a strong princess is empowering considering the source. I checked up on it and the only female characters I could find from the Mario franchise were a princess and a dinosaur with a bow. Both of these characters perpetuate ideas of what girls should wear (i.e. pink dresses and pink bows). While the game may be trying to empower females with "strong" female characters, it is still defining they're gender through appearance and job roles. A girl must be a princess. I don't know what the deal is with the dinosaur, but I don't imagine dinosaurs have to deal with finding jobs :) Essentially, I feel that this shirt is an example of 1 step forward from a position that was already 10 steps back.

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