What's sex got to do with... TV Drama?

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This is one of the famous TV Drama in South Korea, called "Sungkyunkwan Scandal."
The reason why I choose this example is because I think that the realtionship between politics and sexual discrimination could be one of the main topic of this class.
Sungkyunkwan was a kind like University to teach men who will become politicians or scholars in the past. Because women were banned to get Education from Government at that time(till about 100-150 years ago), usually women studied in their home. In this Drama, the actress, who is really smart and really wants to study, pretends to her younger brother to learn high quality education and to support her family. All of the stories are closely related with her love, friendship with other men students, discriminations and the tries to change the politics or something like the social issues in Sungkyunkwan. I think that this shows that sexual discrimination is closely related with politics at that time, and this is one of the things that we will learn in class. How politics and sexual issues, which seems like not related, could be closely connected to each other? Why sex is one of the limitation for studying and doing something? I think that this example could be one of the example for dscribing sexual discrimination.

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That's really interesting. My mom actually watches/ed this show and I don't think I've ever thought about it in that sense. I know that the limitations and gender roles are really different in Korea, but I think that it's on a completely different level in Eastern countries. There is definitely change happening where the roles are seen in a more Western perspective, but Eastern views can change and sway very much. Me being a California born Korean with two traditional Korean parents, I have a general understanding of how the roles are seen. There is a shift in media and pop culture in the East, or at least Korea, that it is becoming more liberal. I don't know what that has to say about our perspective here in America, but a change is gonna come! (Oh a Sam Cooke reference!)

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