What's sex got to do with...children?


I know there have been two other "What's sex got to do with.."s about children, but this particular video raises some very interesting conversation and I'm eager to hear others' opinions. How do you feel about this controversial dance routine? Do you think it's a sign that our culture has become extremely oversexualized? Are things like this becoming normalized in our society? Is it actually a sign of oversexualization (Firefox is telling me that's not a word, but it is now!), or is it simply just a way for these obviously talented girls to express their skills?


This video is so terrifying. I agree that these girls are highly talented, but at what cost? They aren't your average little girls and probably spend most of their waking hours in the studio learning how to better their dance skills. I think they are too young to even know how over-the-top their moves are in terms of sex and it is sad. It definitely reflects our society and the need everyone feels to be sexy in order to gain positive attention.

OMG... Well, obviously, these kids love music and dancing. This is not a something bad. However, what did force them to dress up like that? I think this video is a good example of reflection on what societal beauty is.

I've always found these toddler beauty pageants to be, frankly, disgusting. I saw it as an unhealthy portrayal of what another commenter referred to as "societal beauty" and criminal parenting. This lingerie dancing, however, brings it to a new level that is even more blatantly wrong. This is borderline child pornography. The network and the "parents" should be sent to court.

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