What's sex got to do with...jokes?

While thinking of a topic to post for this assignment. I thought of the frequent conversations between my roommates and I. I don't know if it's just because we're weird but we tend to draw humor out of sexual innuendo jokes, which led me to my topic. "That's what she said" TWSS.jpg This sexually suggestive phrase was popularized by the TV show The Office and I've heard it many times without ever watching the show. Why do people find it humorous? How does it make you feel hearing this used? Why isn't " That's what he said" popularly used? What are some other sexual jokes that targets a specific sex? And for those who don't know the joke, here's a video showing some of the few.


I will start with trying to answer a few of your questions with what I believe to be the answers or part of the answer. Firstly, "why do people find it humorous" Well for one, that's like asking, why do we find fart jokes funny? I would say that partly it's because sex is a bit more of an embarrassing topic so to crack jokes about it makes it easier to talk about. Secondly, "how does it make me feel hearing this?" Usually I get a bit red in the cheeks and a big grin on my face. Possibly because I am a male and it's not directed towards me makes it easier to shrug off, but I can only say that is my reaction. Furthermore, "that's what he said" jokes sprout here and there, however guys aren't associated with their sexual hookups like girls are. If I were to go out and hookup with 20 girls in one night, I would receive a pat on the back from the "bros" for being that good and the girls either contemplate why I didn't pick them and want me or the other girls forget about it in a 2 weeks anyways. On the other hand, girls are remembered for every action they make. I have friends who still haven't gotten out of their highschool nicknames from just one night or one bad situation. Lastly, other sexual jokes that target a specific sex are out there, but the first one that came to mind I don't think I shall post.

I think this was a good blog to create because it covers how men and women interact with one another within society. Also, the stereotypes associated with the two. In my opinion, politcs of sex is how men and women interact with one another, and how power is shared between the two. You give a good example of the associations women have that men don't. Now just to understand why women have this and men don't.

I think the thing with sexist jokes and why they are funny is because they are something basically everyone can relate too. Your either a guy or a girl and the same jokes are made abouts both, women stay in the kitchen, guys are immature, stuff like that. I personally find that funny I won't lie because I feel that it is harmless and I don't find that it is to meant to offend women. I think sex is just something funny to joke about because its always the elephant in the room. It is also similar to the read your fortune cookie or movie title and say
"in bed" afterwards joke. I think its just trying to find thinks that your normally hear or say, and by saying thats what she said or in bed afterwards cause it suddenly makes it relate to sex and its funny.

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