Day Eleven: February 23



Special Event: Presentation by Dr. Somerville on friday, feb 25th @ 4PM in Walter Library 101. Earn extra credit (10 points on total grade) by attending and posting a brief (200-300 word) reflection on our blog.  

Reading Schedule for next week:

feb 28 The Invention of Sexuality 
  • Katz, Jonathan. "The Invention of Heterosexuality"
  • Weeks, Jeffrey. "The Invention of Sexuality"
  • Marinucci, Mimi. "The Social Construction of Sexuality"
march 2 Sexuality and sex practices 

  • Rubin, Gayle. Excerpt from "Thinking Sex" 
  • Wilkerson, Abby. "Disability, sex radicalism, and political agency"
  • Bednarska, Dominika. "Passing Last Summer"
  • Seibers, Tobin. "Sex, Shame and Disability Identity"
All readings are available on WebVista. 

Note: Diablog groups for next week should focus on BOTH the Rubin excerpt and the Wilkerson essay. 

Optional Concept for Sex is due on Monday, February 28th. 

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