Day five: February 2


Today in class we will finish up our viewing of Straightlaced.Before providing a breakdown of what we will do today, here's some information about our readings for Monday:

Readings for next Monday

all available on WebVista (filed in course content, under feb 7)

feb 7 Sex/Gender/Desire


  • Butler, Judith. Excerpt from Gender Trouble 
  • Pascoe, C.J. "Becoming Mr. Cougar: Institutionalizing Heterosexuality and Masculinity at River High" 
  • Lorber, Judith. "Beyond the Boundaries: Depolarizing the Categories of Sex, Sexuality and Gender"
Tips for reading: Come to class prepared to discuss these readings. Make sure to spend a lot of time on the short Butler excerpt. Also, as you are reading the Pascoe, think about how high school is described/represented in this chapter as compared to in Straightlaced. Use the Lorber essay to gain more background on concepts of sex, sexuality and gender. 

Class breakdown:
  • Sign attendance sheet
  • Hand in papers
  • Finish watching film
  • Brief free-write reflection on film 
  • Distribute/discuss blog worksheet
  • Review importance of blog

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