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As a science major, I've read my fair share of textbooks and have been taught in numerous classes about human biological processes. After reading the article by Martin, I realized that I never put much thought into a stereotype being hidden within these explanations. I actually think that it's quite ridiculous that people are thinking beyond what might be hidden, when I, as a student, am just concerned about remembering these processes for an exam. All cells in the human body are specialized and exist for specific reasons. To say that these cells express personality is just plain weird. When an area of the body needs repair, cells are created and sent to the site. It's not like they are just waiting around having a party and socializing until they are needed. I liked how Martin backed up her opinion with research from a reproductive biologist, who evidenced that the egg and sperm do interact on mutual terms. I think that this would be a vital part of explaining the human biological process.

In the article by Wilchins, it got me thinking about opposites. There's really no such thing as opposites when talking about race and gender, in my opinion. The author talks about race and compares the way that others categorize someone's race through looking at them with the way others categorize someone's gender. We all do this. But what is the definition of opposite when it comes to sex? How can race have opposites?

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You bring up a good point. I've never really thought about how, although almost everyone would call male and female "opposite", nobody would think to suggest that the two share absolutely nothing in common, which is pretty much the definition of the word.

In this case, I suppose it's probably more of a difference between denotation and connotation, and the fact that males and females are the only significant sides to the gender coin, rather than people actually thinking that males and females are polar opposites.

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