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I think it would be interesting if we invent "sex positivity". The reason is that nowadays, people are comfortable talking about sex, namely sex ed, sex sell, pornography, hypersexual product ad, polygamy and we're taking Politics of Sex class!...

Do you think this "sex positivity" is a bad idea? Especially, we are immersed in such context. Would it help the society go forward? or just taboo?


I think "sex positivity" is a good idea, because it is true that people think and talk about sex more casually today, then they did before. Relating to Rubins essay, everybody today is not christian and doesnt view sex as a bad thing or sinful, so having a different view like "sex positivity" would be interesting.

I agree about the 'sex positivity' but I am a bit confused with the statement, 'everybody today is not Christian'. So you mean we just need stop following the what the religion has thought us or you mean we just need to stop thinking or viewing that sex as a bad thing (as what religious people's point of view, maybe). Just need some clarification..

I think sex is alot more casual then it was before, mostly with the younger generation. This is probably because unlike before, sex is literally everywhere, its the norm. And I think sex positivity is a great idea since theres so much to sex and just sin and pregnancy. The only problem with this is people might fear that is sex becomes to casual or positive, people will stop worrying about the consequences.

I'm on the fence about sex positivity. Yes, I agree that we need to talk about and acknowledge the presence of sex in our lives. Children should learn how their bodies work etc.

But I feel like a lot of the times, sex is taken too far. With hypersexualization in the media, we are all exposed to the "ideal" body. Unfortunately, these impossible bodies lead us to have the wrong perceptions of sex and what is or is not attractive.

Thank you for responding to my idea enthusiastically!

@nguy1366 & Tinkikiwi: So do you guys suggest what should be the limit of sex positivity? particularly in America.

How do you think about tv shows characters talking about sex life? and how they depict polygamy?

For me, tv shows should increase the rated age. If the characters talk about sex (formal or informal), viewers must be at least 18 above to watch.

I think this is really interesting discussion, but I almost feel like sex positivity might be going a little overboard. I don't believe that sex should be viewed in such a negative way as religion and previous beliefs have made it out to be, especially considering pleasure as something to be afraid of, but it makes me think what would happen if we changed everything and put a completely positive spin on sex. Sex negativity kind of forces adolescents to stray from sexual activity until they grow up and mature enough to understand sex and decide for themselves. Sex positivity would tend to do the opposite, inviting young children to participate in acts that they don't fully comprehend yet. Would it really be a good thing for our younger generation to be going around having sex at recess? I think there's maybe more of a happy medium. Another thing to think about is how sex negativity is changing over time, it tends to be getting more relaxed so maybe this whole "sex positivity" is happening on its own. Do you think its possible that is goes too far on its own and our kids 25 years from now are having a similar conversation on how to put a more negative spin on sex to bring it back to the way of old western beliefs?

We shouldn't be fully positive about sex. The problem that arises when we are too positive about sex is that young children are exposed to sexuality and attempt to sexually mature before they are mentally capable of handling it. Already teen pregnancy rates are high; if we were even more positive about sex, even more teens and perhaps even younger people, would be having sex. There are huge risks and complications associated with young people having sex. Their bodies simply aren't developed enough to handle sex.

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