What's sex got to do with.. Blackpeoplemeet.com?


I was watching Family guy on Adult Swim last week with some friends, and this commercial came on.

With learning about sex and race, I feel we can analyze the reason behind this site and also this video. Keep in mind things like the White Privilege article and try to see it from another viewpoint. I personally think it is just adding to the discrimination, but I understand why it does exist.


Why is there a Black Entertainment Television channel and not a White Entertainment Television channel? Why is there a blackpeoplemeet.com and not a white version? I have heard these types of questions asked a lot, and have wondered the same thing at times. I don't know if this type of product or service does any good or bad. Without thinking about it in too much depth, my initial feeling is that things like this further reinforce racial boundaries.

I agree. By making things solely for one race, others are being left out and may feel like that race is being privileged. My hope one day is for people to not feel the need to be separate from other races. One day, we won't need a black history month. I believe this definitely reinforces racial boundaries.

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