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The comic book industry is a sex fueled 13 year old's wet dream. Between the hypersexualization of both the male and female achetypes, and the gratuitous amount of violence, the basic human instinct is brought to a primal roar of satisfaction. Through the history of the industry it is interesting to note that the actions of male and female characters have come to reflect the current views on how the ultimate male, or super male, should act, and how the ultimate, or super, female should act. It is an intense divulgence into the collective mind of its readers as to the penultimate standards and norms of the day. Apparently the standard through the past 70 years has been gravity defying cleavage and massive muscles.


I agree with you. I looked at the picture and I first thought to myself that this isn't the way Wonder Woman looked liked or whatever female superhero it may be. I feel like in our generation, girl superheros have become more aggressive in with the way they portray themselves. As your example shows, she is in a sexy position with little clothing. It shows that the women is very fine and sexy but at the same time she has her powers. I feel like it is just another marketing tool to interests guys in comic books.

Thomas Jang

Wow if I would have seen this picture 10 years back I dont think I would get the same idea in my mind, than what I get today. I would agree that the market has changed today but I still remember it had highly same traits like these years ago today. Never thought sex would become part of a little boy o girl's comic dream where the males comic heroes are shirtless and have full abs and all and the female comic heroes are dressed in very less clothes with very sexy bodies.

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