What's Sex Got to do with... Drunk Driving?


When I first saw this commercial, it surprised me that there were no women drivers or police officers. After discussing heteronormaty in section I found it interesting that a PSA like this wouldn't include women.



Wow that is really interesting, I have seen this commercial so many times but never realized the lack of a female role.

I really can't think of a reason why women are not included, because when it comes to drunk driving everyone can be a victim. I, at least, don't imagine solely male drunk drivers. I would imagine a woman to be surrounded in some type of fruity drink, possibly they didn't want to take the chance of offending women by going with a stereotypical drink or some such?
When it comes to the police officer that is at least a little more understandable. Because the police officer is a person of power, they are generally thought of as being male. It's what our society views as a more "masculine position".

I totally agree... Weirdly even I have seen this video so many times but never thought of why there is no female actor involved in it.

Its not like there are no female drunk drivers or there are no female cops. I would disagree with nels7308 that being a cop is about masculine position as there are several female police officers who are strong and also have their female side intact. Its weird to say that being a cop is being all masculine as clearly there are several female cops in several different countries and many who have been very sucessful.

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