What's sex got to do with... flowers?



Above is a link to one of the many Super Bowl commercials of 2011. The commercial is for Teleflora, which is an online company owned by Faith Hill that allows you to order flowers to be delivered to somebody miles away. When I first saw the commercial, I laughed because the guy's trying to write something from the heart, but only comes up with "your rack is unreal". The humor contrasts the intent of the company, which is to allow you to connect with somebody on a more intimate level. I did some research through other blogs about the commercial and found some controversy over whether or not it was a bad call on Faith Hill's part to televise the commercial. Personally, I thought it was brilliant. It doesn't cross the line, but men across the globe can relate to what the man's thinking. "Unreal racks" are something that all men think about, but seldom would bring to attention via a message in a bouquet. There is a hint of "sex appeal" in the commercial, because it brings light to the idea that men always have sex on their mind. Faiths's reaction to the man's comment suggests there is a difference between the way a man thinks about relationships, and the way a woman thinks about them (Men go for sex, and women go for the heart). Although this assumption is not entirely true, I thought the commercial was worth bringing attention to for the class. Enjoy!

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