Whats sex got to do with...surveys


I am currently in the Psychology 1001 class and i was completing a survey online. When i got to the end of the survey i was asked a serious of common question such as my race, age, and my gender. After being in gwss for a couple weeks i have started to notice things i normally wouldn't and in this case i realized how each survey makes the participant check a box either male or female. This i realized falls into the heterosexualizing process we have been talking about in class. Our world is trained to think of things as either male or female. How does this impact other elements of our society today? And how does little occurrences like this affect certain people who do not fit into these norms? I told another survey later on and noticed at the end of this one there was not only a box for male and female but also a box that said other in which you could check. Do you think this is helpful to incorporate things like that to prevent the heterosexualizing process? Do you think that people are even aware they are taking part in the process?

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