What's sex got to do with...UFC?

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So, I was watching this last night with my boyfriend [completely against my will] and began thinking about our class. I feel that the dynamic of the way UFC weigh-ins work would be completely different if these were women. Does anyone else agree? Would the public react differently if it was women who had to strip down and be weighed, not only in front of a huge audience, but also on television? Obviously it has to do with the fairness of the sport, but why do the weigh-ins have to be done in public, rather than say, in the locker room? I'm just curious to hear what you guys think about it in general! What isn't really shown on the Youtube clips, but they show when it's live, is the guys actually getting down to their boxers, and some even completely naked (with other guys shielding them with a towel) to get the most accurate weight.

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As you said, you were watching it against your will. i would concider this a "guys" sport. I personaly like to watch fights. i think that the weigh in's being on tv add to the anticipation for the fight and help with advertisements. As for girls striping down to weigh in... i honestly dont think it would be a huge problem. in the video there's already a half naked chick. but i like the idea of a female UFC. fighting is already has a male target audiance and adding more girls would probably only increase audiance so long as the chicks didnt start looking like men.

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