What's sex got to do...Pepsi Max and the Angry Black Women


Check out this commercial for Pepsi Max that ran at the beginning of the Superbowl:

Now, check out what Akiba Soloman has to say about it over at ColorLines in her post, "Nobody's Smiling about the Pepsi Max "Angry Black Woman" ad"

I think this advertisement, and the commentary by Soloman and the other bloggers she links to, speak to some important issues for the politics of sex and the ways bodies are ordered and given meaning through gender, race and sexuality. What do you think?


Holy buckets! What an obvious and blatant depiction of the "angry" Black woman. Pepsi openly plays on a negative stereotype and tried to cover it up by using humor. I think that in America we have accepted negative stereotypes as long as they come in the for of harmless humor, but in this case I do not believe that it was harmless. In the commercial "the angry Black woman" punches another woman, and not just any woman but an obviously caucasian, blonde haired blue eyed woman. Images such as these are the cause of distraction of the image of certain groups of people, in this case the victim is the African American woman... if that isn't politics then I don't know what is.

I don't have a problem with this commercial.

Just curious but I would like to know why you dont have a problem with the commercial?

Just curious, why don't you have a problem with this commercial? Do you see any stereotypical images in the commercial?

This commercial portrays jealousy and the male in this has the natural intention to look at something he finds attractive or beautiful, and while doing that the woman gets jealous and reacts.

I think this is a great example of stereotyping well done!

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