Follow Up # 1 - CrossFit Games: Women of the 2010 Games by Yanzi


This is a shortcut of CrossFit Games, which are very different sports games from others. Women who attend CrossFit Games are on an equal footing with men. This video presents a lot of difficulties challenged not only men but also women, showing that women are equally or even stronger than men in some aspects. Female athletes in this video are quite different from those we imagine in the advertisements - female athletes are enthusiastic, muscular, and full of energy. The appearances shown in this video totally breaks the imaginary characteristic of women. The appearances strongly support what Carter described about the postfeminist perspective, that is, that the sexual appeals become a  representation of feminine empowerment and liberation. These athletes are purposed to tear down men and change people's view on female athletes. As Carter states, what people concerned about female athletes was more likely to be their sexual appeals. In this sort of competition, female athletes completely present their strong side and somehow alert people not to look down at women and not to pay attention to female athletes because of their big boobs and so-called perfect women shape. 

1. The CrossFit Games offers female athletes a platform to present themselves and thus to prove their "empowerment and liberation". However, definitely there are some other ways to give more evidence to tell the value of women. Can you think of any and talk more about them? How does it related to the views from postfeminist perspective and radical feminist perspective?
2. At the first time I hear that female athletes could really tear down male athletes in some aspects, I feel a little bit shocked. How do you feel about this from the male perspective and from the female perspective? If you are in the situation of failed athletes, what would you think about female athletes? Please consider this question from different perspectives.

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