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Gender to me used to mean boy or girl. It would help organize simple things such as what hall you live in when living in the dorms, what bathroom you go into, what sports are divided into. After recent articles my perspective have changed and gender is not just a simple term anymore it is complex and tough to even try to explain. Kate Bornstein in her article Gender Outlaw she has broken the theory of gender into a set of "rules" and what they are supposed to be. Some would be pretty clear and some go into some detail that most would never think about. This other article that I have dug into is Solving the Gender Puzzle they have broke down what gender is in somewhat easier terms. Right when you think you know a word and you think it's a pretty basic term you get mind boggled.
Kate Bornstein takes the first basic assumptions that people have when they think of gender and brake it down, for example rule number one is "There are two, and only two, genders (female and male)"(Bornstein, Kate) and rule number two is "one's gender is invariant. (If you are female/male, you always were female/male and you always will be female/male.)" (Bornstein, Kate). Rules that you thought were just part of it, turn out to be one of many understandings of a term. Then it takes a turn and goes into transgender related things, example five "There are no transfers from one gender to another except ceremonial ones (masquerades)" something that a lot of people argue because of chromosomes and other biological related things. Then she ends the rules with the last one being "membership in one gender or another is 'natural' (being female or male is not dependent on anyone's deciding what you are) (Bornstein, Kate)" and she supports this point by saying she is a transgender but she is transgressing against nature. In the article Solving the Gender Puzzle they have a section saying "everything you need to know about sex versus gender" and that was very interesting because they say that one word can describe gender and that one word is "categorization" and with all the reading I have done about genders and sex, wouldn't you argue that the word "categorization" does not fit, because every article gives many explanations of what they can be. You could also make the argument that the many different arguments are categories. To me that is just a more confusing way to explain it, because most people would define it as Kate Bornstein does that there are only two genders and only two male and female.
Gender is something that is commonly used just to segregate male verses female. Now reading into this I can see the arguments about transgender and the rules that follow people usually would make a different category for a transgender but the rules state that there are only two categories and nothing more.

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