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Sexuality to me used to mean gender, but it is far more than that. It deals with desires, trans-genders, gay, and erotic pleasures. In my opinion sex is the most powerful desire. It is what drives us to find a special someone it is what drives us to go out and be social and meet people. Sex comes with a lot of doubts though as well it comes with jealousy, fear, and temptations. All these factors and qualities are what mold the human nature and what ultimately make the most powerful means of regulating ones actions. Sexuality covers a lot of ground and what I found most interesting was the erotic interactions, and the social views of certain sexualities.
Jeffrey Weeks in his article Sexuality portrays an interesting point "Most erotic interactions, even between those we easily call 'heterosexual' do not lead to procreation. And there are many forms of non-heterosexual sex, amongst women, and amongst men. Some of these patterns involve intercourse of one sort or another. Others do not" (Weeks Jeffrey). At first I was confused on what this has to do with sexuality. Then it hit me, I finally realized sexuality is more than just gender. I began to think what more does this term mean. Sexuality is a word that is commonly misused. This quote means that the physical aspects are just as important as the non-physically interacting aspects, meaning that sex VS cross-dressing are equal, because both are expressing the same thing. Because not all forms of sex are intimate for example masturbation, for the most part this involves no other person.
Mimi Marinucci in her article Feminism is Queer "In modern societies where a separate homosexual role is recognized, the expectation, on behalf of those who play the role and of others, is that homosexual will be exclusively or very predominantly homosexual in his feelings and behavior. In addition, there are other expectations that frequently exist, especially on the part of non-homosexuals, but affecting the self-conception of anyone who sees himself as homosexual"(Marinucci Mimi). Today more and more people are abused or judged for being homosexual. What I don't understand why people are so involved in something that doesn't affect them at all. Sexuality is something that every person should be proud of, and not have to hide it. This quote helps show that sexuality is still misjudged in today's world and we still have a lot of growing up to do as a community.
My experience of learning about sexuality happened in class this year, watching the movie "Straight Laced" helped me get a good understanding of what is going on. The fact that some kids get verbally and physically abused at some schools is beyond me, and the fact that teachers are fully aware of this and not doing anything just could make a person sick. After watching that it really helped me look back into my life and see what I could do to change this, I admit that I misused some offensive words such as "gay" or "fag" but after watching that I have really cut back and it is a word that I do not use and I get kind of upset when I hear others use, knowing how offensive it truly is.

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