Diablog #6- Follow-up Entry

I found 4 versions of NIKE commercial in Youtube. There are 3 diffrent Female atheltes, and they all have diffrent races. One is by Yuna Kim who is the best figure skating player in the world from South Korea. And another is by Maria Sharapova who is one of the famous tennis player. And the last two commercials are by Serena Williams who is one of the best tennis player like Maria Sharapova. When I watch these 4 commercials, I realize that the sex appeal in the commercials are expressed in diffrent ways depeding on historical/social background. In South Korea, Yona Kim is admired by almost every Korean people because she achieved incredible atheletic success although she was not supported by Korean society for learning figure skating. Sometimes, she is expressed as one women who has (sexal) attractiveness, but more often her atheletic acheivements are emphasized because what she acheived was not that a lot of people can easily get. In Nike commercial, it emphasizes her abilities and pressure as atheletes, And, this emphasizes familiarity by revealing the things that Nike is always with her because everyone who likes Yuna Kim wants to be like her. In Maria Sharapova's commercial, background music even shows that she is attractive atheletes who is admired. Whenever she passes, everyone looks at her and admire what she looks like. In addition, in Serena Williams's commercial, I don't understand well. But I think that she hits every other girl to get attention from the coach who is depicted hansome without disturbances by other girls. And also, in the 2nd commerical, Serena wears short pants and short top. Of course wearing short training clothes is common for a lot of people, I think that it is emphasizing what she looks like and how she is shaped by revealing her body shopes and muscles. I think it is also a kind of sexual appealings. Do you think that all female atheletes are depicted in diffrent ways depeding on races and social/historical background? If you think that all races, especailly black and white female atheletes as Carti mentions in her article, are discribed in diffrent ways, why they are depicted in different ways? In commercials by Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, How are they described diffrently? Could you explain why and how they are diffrently depicted?

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