Diablog #6 Follow Up Post


Reading this assignment made me remember an image I had seen, it was on a tennis court with a bunch of men stretching and getting ready. There was a women in skimpy clothing near the bottom of the image walking past the men, and you could that that pretty much every single man was staring directly at her. I couldn't find the specific image I was looking for, but while I was searching for it I noticed that almost every single image of a female tennis player that showed up in google was focused on her cleavage. Most often with the female player bent over towards the camera, ready to hit a return. These were the most common, with ones of the tennis players scantily clad doing media appearances or advertisements as a close second.
It really highlighted the reality of the sexism and male gaze of the sports world, I had always known it existed, but this showed it in a way that made it that much more apparent.

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