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I really appreciated the video we watched in class on Monday and believe it correlates well with our readings. I thought it was really interesting the way the narrator put into light how certain poses and imagery perpetuate the ideas of feminine weakness and male strength. I have found this topic to be enlightening and overall very intriguing. I never really realized until now how strong of a hold gender has on our society.
But what I have found to be the most valuable is the idea that gender is a not placed into two categories but instead placed inside a long spectrum. I think that this is an excellent way to represent gender to the children of the next generation. Then people won't be able to say marriage is only between a "Man" and a "Woman", because what defines male and female if there is such a large spectrum of genders? Instead they will have to resort to saying marriage is only between a penis and a vagina.
To promote a little discussion I ask that you comment with some more examples you've noticed either in society, in the media or where ever of gender roles we "act" out in order to play our parts.

Here are some I thought of;
(these are not always true)

Women cross their legs when sitting and keep their arms closer to themselves
Women are more caring or nurturing
Men hold their heads up when they walk
Women fidget with their hands
Men aren't as interested in romantic relationships as women



The clothing men and women share divides men into a functional and logical clothing category based on the notion that men don't engage in frivolous things, like ridiculous things like heels. Women are made to wear clothes and shoes that inhibit motion and put them in awkward positions to accentuate their helplessness. Not to mention that the clothing itself links women to childhood like the video pointed out.

I think that is an excellent point. Women are encouraged to buy all sorts of clothing/accessories that are completely useless in terms of warmth, coverage, etc. Things like jewelry, make-up, high-heels as you mentioned and countless others. They all only serve one purpose and that is to look pretty. Pretty but useless is then something we view woman as as a whole.

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