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In Victoria Carty's Textual Portrayal of Female Athletes, She first explains how female popularity and visibility in sports is growing and they are no longer as marginalized into specific sports but are now more able to branch out into a wider range of sports than just those that are seen to be feminine. She also talks about the ways in which female athletes are promoted through media as apposed to their male counterparts; women are still sexualized when the focus should be put on their athletic ability, but it is instead on their bodies and level of femininity, however this is changing somewhat Carty states " Although women's bodies are still a main focus of attention their bodies represent a new kind of self-discipline - one in which the body is trained to be used for performance rather than an object of desire." Carty also discusses the racial differences shown through commercials where the "blacks are passive, attempting to endure life" while the "white men are enduring (and mastering) pain." These commercials portray the Caucasian males as those who can overcome anything and the African-Americans as those who may have a chance to succeed in this world after overcoming many obstacles. So while popularity is rising, women still need to be conscious of the messages being given and different ways they are being portrayed through the different forms of endorsements and advertising.
Do you think female athletes are more sexualized in the ways in which they are promoted in comparison to men that participate in the same sports?
Why do most magazines cater to the male perspective unless they are specified magazines for females?
Is an exposed female a symbol of female empowerment and sexual freedom, or as a male dominated patriarchal ideal?

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I agree with what you want to say in you questions. I think men expose in many magazines and advertisements as well. Also, women feel their sexuality. I think advertisors and editors need to cater to the female perspective too. I think the problem is that people think an exposed female pictures are more lewd than vice versa.

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