(extra credit) What's sex got to do with... Barbie?

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This was the first barbie commercial ever made in 1959. I believe it must have had an revolutionary impact and changes on how people view women's body. I would not be surprised if this unrealistic portrayal of female body lead to a boom in anorexia. It makes me wonder why they chose to make the dolls so skinny and unrealistic, which eventually became to be viewed as the "norm".

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I definitely agree that Barbie placed an extremely unrealistic and unobtainable image into the eyes of many young girls in America. I believe I read somewhere that Barbie to be made into a real-life size girl she would be somewhere over six feet with a impossibly sized hips/waist/breast ratio. Something merely unobtainable to anyone without extreme procedures.

These unreachable standards have made young girls and women striving for something that is extremely unhealthy, and leaves them with negative body images and poor self esteem when they can't reach it. Many girls in the US have eating disorders, depression, and negative body images because of the media influences around them that are merely trying to sell their products, but end up pushing these girls to strive for something they can't reach. Starting at such a young age, with a simple child's toy.

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