Follow up entry #1: Sexy? Women in Football


The article leads us to wonder will female athletes ever be able to be seen as just athletes rather sexual objects? The picture I choose shows what females are like in a female football game. According to Carty, "When sex appeal, as defined by toned bodies, is refigured as a type of sexuality and when athletes comply with these efforts to feminize their bodies, it leaves the institutions in place that ultimately control and reinforce representations of feminized athlete." If someone has a better feminine body, she is good to go in the sports world. Often times, the audiences who watch the game does not care much about the score each game gets and who wins, but the female bodies is presenting in the game. The case of Semenya tells the people that being a female and an athlete could not co-exist. After so many high-achievements she got, people started to wonder about her gender. Seriously? The only thing that female athlete offers to the audience is "sex"? What do you think about this?
Do you think "being a female" co-exists with "being an athlete?"


When I saw the picture, I surprised. What? Women wear that playing football game? I can't believe that. They are wearing totally bikinis. Wow, I don't think that is a game rather sexy play on the football ground. What I think is that men are the most beneficial persons. However, men do not wear such sexy when they are playing. It seems like that women never get rid of the relation between sexiness and sports.

I agree with qiuxx098. What I am thinking on this is: feminine sports would never mean only sports in the society.
It is very clear that the picture is talking about the so-called feminine football game. See what they were wearing? Comparing the football suits for men, this game here is all about sex. I would like to emphasize that this is a football game that may result in injures. Although women are commonly concerned to be weak, they might get hurt in the game. Where are the protections? If one says that they have the chance to protect the most important parts, fine, then what about men? Do men wear like this and saying "I protect my important parts"? No. As the postfeminist perspective presents, the purpose of the game is to show feminine empowering and literation. On one side, this does somehow present feminine empowering and literation because such a football game could push others to rethink about female position in sports. On the other side, it is very sure that people, especially men, are not watching this game because it is a football game. What they care most is how sexy the women are.

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