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Sorry guys I posted this earlier but there was a problem so I'm posting this again.

When I was thinking about disabled people, I found this article on the internet: Sexuality and People with Disabilities: What experts are not aware of.

The author explains two main reason why people with disability can't develop sound sexuality in society. First, healthy people don't consider disabled people because they think disabled people are "objects of care", "unable to have a responsible life with a regular work". I think that's why disabled people are usually ruled out from "charmed circle" even though he doesn't mention it. Disabled people are weak, helpless, hopeless, thus undesirable, and not sexual. How simple!

Second, he claims it's hard for disabled people to develop sexuality when they are locked in institution like prisoner. They have no right to make decision for their own daily routines; they can't come and go as they please and defecate according to specific schedule. There seems to be no freedom of choice in the lives of people in such facilities.

Those are the reasons why he claims all disabled people should be able to receive personal assistant services for their personal independence and therefore sound sexuality in this short article.

Also I want to introduce you guys a Korean movie called "Oasis". It is a story about love between a woman with physical disability and a man who has criminal records. The man goes to jail by hit-and-run. After he's released from prison, he visits family of the victim he hit. But he finds there's no one lives in the house except the woman and he sexually assaults her. After that, he suffers from guilty because he raped a woman with physical disability, who can't resist, scream, talk, and escape. Several days later, however, he gets an unexpected phone call from the woman. Movie shows that the woman felt relieved when he visited her house because she was scared and lonely in her empty house. They feel strong emotions to each other and later they realize they're deeply in love with one another. But their families think the man is just a rapist with creepy taste. They ignore the woman's strong objection because she's a woman with physical disability which means a woman who can't talk and think properly according to their perspectives. Also they think the man is disgusting since he 'raped' disabled woman. Woman without any sexual attractiveness, woman without sexuality. Both of their families strongly claim he should go jail and eventually he's sent to prison again, adding one more criminal record as a serial rapist.

And here is a clip from the movie.

It shows the man's desire of having physically healthy girlfriend just like others. Why he would have such wish? Because it is hard to run to catch a train carrying her on his back? Because she can't sing a love song for him? Because she can't touch his face softly? Because she can't run? Because she can't walk?

And do these all things she can't do mean that she is no worthy to love? Do these things mean she has no sexuality? Do these things mean she is not sexually attractive to him?

By what we can define sexuality?

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That video and your summary of the movie describe our society's state pretty well. Generally in our popular culture such as in movies none of the normal and natural people fall in love with a queer and disabled person. Special someone of a disabled person almost always have similar problems or have criminal records. Does it necessarily reflect the reality or does it reflect the normal people's consensus?

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