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Follwing up on the articles, they have touched on numerous things that we have discussed and found to be serious issues. The problem of heterosexualizing society is clear and sex classification in modern day society "proves" that there are only two sexes; male and female. When I say proves there are more people arguing the case that there are two sexes than people that argue other wise. They just stick to the basic physical attributes, which would probably make sense for most people. Until this class I would most likely be one of those people because that is what society has done. Verifying the myth: olympic sex testing and the category 'woman' talks about heterosexualizing. He talks about how there is only two defined sex categories in our society today and every person is supposed to match up with these "guidelines" that make up a man or a woman. You could make the argument that everyone doesn't fall into either of these. Everyone is different and every person wouldn't match up everywhere. I don't think this is fair, who is to say you aren't this or you aren't that? Testing and its correspondence with the heterosexualizing is something that journeys all the way back into ancient times. As this article states about women were banned from even attending any olympic events from the very start. Basically this is giving people titles of you're worthy or you're not. Which was if you were a women you weren't allowed and if you were a man you could do anything you wanted pretty much.

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