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Victoria Carty says about abuse of female athletes in "Textual Portrayals of Female Athletes". Sports have been regarded as men's privilege. There are limiting sports events allowed women such as skating, gymnastics, and tennis. However, since the implementation of Title IX in 1972, women's participation in sports has increased gradually. Now, women play not only feminine athletic, but also others such as soccer, football, rugby, wrestle and box as well. Also, women can get a pecuniary advantage and social rewards through it. As improving women's participation in sports, stereotypes of women's role and notions of femininity have changed. Additionally, it has helped to change the conception of masculinity and the ideology of gender difference. However, many recent textual portrayals of female athletes have been interesting issues. The female athletes are abusing for television commercials, advertisements, and press coverage. They usually focus on the sexual appeal of female athletes and their feminine qualities. In other words, they use female athletes as the ambiguous and contradictory advertisements. Female's sexuality is used for commercial purpose as of old. It has not been changed. In particular, black females also enjoy a greater expansion of their roles because they couldn't do much before. Some even participate willingly in the process of commercialization and sexualization of their bodies because it may be easier way to make money. However, the author argues that it is not helpful to get an equal gender roles and quality to men. It just helps to build up male-dominated institutions in our society.
My questions are
1.Why don't people think that viewers have lewd eyes? It can be a misinterpretation and a sensual look in male's eyes.
2.Do you think female athletes' advertisements have really different purpose than male's?


I think the differences of purpose of how they show their bodies in the advertisement are very big. But I think that the important difference is how much they can earned through it? Why was a male athlete able to earned more than a female athlete did? Even in our daily life, males usually earned more than female did. Why are there more chances for a male to get a better position?

I think it's because male-dominated stereotype still remain in our society. There were many works especially for men including athletics because men did outside activities while women did housework, men had much more opportunities for their activities. It has changed to almost equal chances for both gender. However, I think this original stereotype still exist little bit.

Yes, I think the original stereotype is a kind of "politics of sex". This stereotype is what we need to change and fight for. I think we are from two similar cultures and can understand that how unequal it was between males and females before. But we already have seen the situation was changed. It is luck for us to being this new times.

Yes! That's right. Actually, I'm majoring in violin performance. Long time ago, men usually could learn music. However, nowadays, there are many good women musicians probably more than men. In colleges, we can see more women musicians than men.

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